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Just amazed when I watched JC's appearance on "TRL" (on MTV) last Thursday (December 12). (I was actually home--so I didn't tape it. This will all be from memory...)

Okay, if you're not into a lot of talk about JC Chasez, better skip this. lol.

JC on TRLCollapse )

So, am I even more 'all over' JC? Hard to say. I am still pretty all over him, though. So weird for me...

Okay, but I did appreciate Tara Reid watching the vid, too. So...


Hoping Marrie Is Okay!
I meant to jot a note right away last week about Marrie's hermine foot surgery. Evamaria shirasade was supposed to go visit her, but they had to call it off...

Yeah, the surgery was planned. But it sounds like things were pretty, pretty rough.

Sending sincere wishes and happy thoughts her way.

I owe Marrie a long email, I think. lol. (I think I owe friends a bunch of emails. I'm bad about it lately.)


Wanted to be sure...
...to send a birthday greeting to CharlieMC (charliemc)!!!

Best wishes on this special occasion!


Yeah, I love my Christmas present (the family got PlayStation2, which was $200.00--not counting the $25.00 memory card).

And I love, love, love my bday gift--the "Harry Potter" game cartridge. So call me a geek, it's just plain fun!

It's amazing how interactive (you literally get 'zapped' when you mess up--and that's some jolt!) this game is. And the graphics and voices are incredible! Seriously.

Just had to share!

Does anyone else have this game yet? What do you think of it?


Made Some Icons...
For someone who'd requested them at another (not mine) icon community. (I know, I know, I'm pathetic. I love making icons. lol.)

I promised to put them up here, so here they are...

for IsabellaCollapse )

It's sometimes difficult to explain to people who don't make anis why you can't make one that has ten or more pics--and have it look decent. lol.

Anyway, back to work!!!


...had a serious 'accident' right here at work. Wow. That would have been one for repeating (and repeating) around here. And I suspect I'd never have lived it down.

If you can stand something gross and personal:

Still A Little 'Sick' I GuessCollapse )

Well, back to work. Sigh. I will not eat any more peanut butter today.


What's a Chibi?
Okay, my friend Evamaria shirasade just mentioned them in her LJ. So naturally I had to find out for myself (as I have nothing better to be doing here at work... like working... grin).

Here's the Definition:

Chibi (CHEE-bee)
adj. - From the Japanese, literally meaning "small". Used commonly as a prefix to things to describe them as small or tiny. Some anime characters are sometimes drawn small are are referred to in this manner.
ex.--Your favorite character the is chibi Orli, right?

see also: Super-Deformed, SD

Super-Deformed (SOO-pehr dee-FORMED)
adj.--Refers to anime characters drawn in squished, miniturized versions of themselves, for the purpose of increasing comedic or cuteness value. Animated characters drawn in this manner tend to behave exactly as their "life size" counterparts, and exaggerate actions on-screen.

So now I know! lol. (I feel like an idiot. But I'm not much 'into' all the anime stuff, so I guess that explains it--seeing as chibis are mainly a part of the anime fanfom.)

Okay, I just know you were all fascinated by this post! lol.


Still Feel Kind Of Lousy
But I got up and helped Missy with her second entry before she went off to bed. Then I watched some TV with the family and answered some emails and I've finally posted Missy's lj entry--so now I'll post a quick one of my own. lol.

She had a lot of fun doing the Hogwarts School thing today. So she made me go there, too. She wanted to see if I'd end up sorted in the same house as her! lol.

Happily, I was also sorted into Gryffindor--which is where Missy ended up. lol.

Anyway, if you're interested in seeing more cool images (the 'acceptance' letter, required supplies list, etc.), then go take a look at my sister's lj sweet_missy (she has some cool things inside her lj cut tag). (By the way, Missy is delighted when she gets new friends--and especially when she gets comments. So if you're in the mood to indulge a four-year-old... lol.)

Here's the thing with being sick. I don't feel all that sick. Just crummy. Backache. Stomachache. (I guess those are gas pains from whatever intestinal thing is happening here.) I ache all over--but not awful. And some minor cold symptoms. But nothing horrible. (I hope it stays that way.) Looks like Missy might be getting it, though. That makes me feel bad...

Hi to all my friends. If I owe you an email and haven't written, I promise to get to it soon!

Off for ice cream and bed... (Will I dream more about JC? Hmmmm...)


Online Friends!
Online friends are so thoughtful. It sometimes amazes me...

After Debra debrajoy read my lj entry from earlier today, she sent me this LINK [http://cincyn.8m.com/MP3s/Blowin'%20up.mp3] so I could hear JC Chasez's new single.

She also sent me several recent images of JC (the ones with him, Howie D. and Tara Reid)--and even though I already had the pics, I was touched by her kindness... Nice of her, wasn't it?

Thanks, Debra!

Okay, so what do I think of JC's song? I'm still deciding. I have to be honest--my initial response to it is sort of negative. But I have a hunch this is a song that could grow on you. It's got a good beat--very insistent sort of thing.

Okay. But I have to admit I'm personally disappointed that it doesn't show off his kick-ass, powerful voice better!

I don't get the trend some artists seem to be taking that keeps them from really displaying their vocal music talents! I mean, JC has a fantastic voice. Certainly the best voice in Nsync (and I'm not putting down the other guys by saying that--I like their sound and their voices, too--but come on). I mean, whew. What a voice...

Okay, so I basically had to post (a quick entry) to show off my latest JC icon. I guess it's partly inspired by how I think his current hair style (I'm using the term loosely) appears to me--and partly about his 'sign' and pendant, I guess. (Or maybe I think he's got a 'lion' side to him--hidden behind that laid back, softer exterior we tend to see. I'm not sure.) Anyway, here's what I came up with. lol.

I really do want to do Kevin's LJ Survey, but I'm fighting a bug and need a nap big time.

Yes, yes, yes, Missy. I will put up your post later. Honest. Sigh.

I'll have to see what dreams my napping brings me. lol. Hmmmmmmm...

Thanks to Kevin kevinr (too) for his recent hints about using psp7, too. Clever, clever (time-saving) stuff. Thanks! lol.

A Shocker Dream...
This has never happened to me before. I think. (Thinking it over.) Nope. It's never happened to me before...

Some might say it was a natural thing, considering I live in a two-dad household (and yeah, my two dads are a couple). But it came as a surprise, even so.

I had a highly erotic dream--really powerful stuff--about another man.

Okay, and if that's not shocking enough, the dream was about JC Chasez (of Nsync fame).

The first question I asked myself (in my head) after I woke up was, 'Where is this coming from?' (lol.)

Yeah, I like Nsync. But I've never been attracted to any of them before this.

I'm not saying I couldn't look at a pic or video and say, 'Wow, he's got a great bod.' Yeah, I've done that. I've even said, 'Wow, he's hot.' But not where I was thinking, 'Wow, he's hot. I'd like to lie down next to him.'

I'm not freaked out about this. I still think I'm pretty much into women (for the most part, anyway). All my personal relationships to date (and sexual experiences) have been with girls (women). I'm not even sure I'd want to try being with a guy.


Well, if JC were to show up any time soon, I'd be all over that. Say he were to ask me. Say that could even happen (the odds--something I'm always fascinated by, as I'm 'into' statistics--must be worse than my chances of being struck by lightning or winning the lottery). I'd be in the right frame of mind to jump him at the chance. And that's no lie...

I'm now ready to go hunt images of JC. Make them into icons (which I might not even upload now, but you never know). Need a good JC slash fic fix--right now.

And I've been reading about his single--but haven't heard it yet! I must find it (somewhere) and DL so I can listen... (Because I've heard he says he's 'horny' in it. I mean--he says 'horny.' Wow.)

I am not ready to discuss this with my dads yet. lol. Maybe tomorrow. Let's see if this fixation can last over one day first. (And maybe tonight I'll dream about Britney or Christina. lol.)

I promised I'd post Missy's lj entry, so I'd better get to that.



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