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milo_hunt's Journal

Milo Hunt
1 December
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Yeah, I'm something of a computer-geek-type guy who enjoys playing on line -- and learning about the cyber world that surrounds us (lol).

I enjoy making new cyber friends and interacting closely with them (partly because I'm sometimes just a little shy in person... grin).

I like all types of music, including pop, rock, some country, classical and showtunes... My musical interests sometimes drive who I end up friendly with, it seems. lol.

Sometimes I'm very quiet -- other times I'm crazy (and somewhat wild, too). I know I don't seem like the type to seek adventure, but you might be surprised.

I'm big on family -- and come from a rather unusual family background! rofl. Read -- you'll see what I mean.

I'm a supporter of KevinR's Boy Band Fic website! Into pop fanfics? Go visit!

I'm also the owner and maintainer of:


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